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The area is composed of the lumbar vertebral discs that are in the column, this region is in the part where the curvature usually occurs the same. He does not work and lumbar stimulate can cause back pain, back pain, spinal degeneration and even herniated or discos.Los deterioration in the lower back exercises are usually very simple, easy to perform and relaxed. Much of it can be done lying on a ... Read more about lower back exercises

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The fitness and all sports, has primary standards, which if not followed correctly exposed to the possibility that it can have negative results and is counter-productive when it is complete and a discipline as demanding as bodybuilding .

The first steps in bodybuilding should be given with security and confidence about what is intended to do, because this sport is very demanding, it is more advisable to give a fair start to develop it, is to go where a specialist who can answer questions and help then to develop the activity and responsibility effectively irrelevant.

The first steps in bodybuilding are: The start of some workouts where for the first month or month and a half due to work all groups muscle, bone for each muscular part of the body to become an exercise, so that with the passage of time, earn a fitness and strength. As you work your way each month of training is necessary and conducive to increase exercise , repeats and runs to be made, because if this is not done the results gained in the first month will be lost, all that was achieved will increase endurance, muscular strength and pace, but at a minimum, since the training takes little time, but no one will gain muscle bulk.

Another early step in bodybuilding is to have knowledge about the physical limitations, physical abilities and know that we have, it gives an example: strength, endurance and flexibility . All this with a primary purpose and vital is not to overdo it and cause bodily harm that sometimes may be irreversible. One of the following steps that you can not stop giving in bodybuilding, is the practice of other sports with order to make a muscular distensions, and in turn bring a structured aerobic practice to control to a higher level of fat burning.

It is also very important not to forget to do a muscle warming at least a period of time which establishes ten to fifteen minutes before and after completing daily routine, so that a faster improvement in the muscle recovery process, because if this warming is not a responsible and appropriate manner can have problems in the body, such as gain muscle contractions, it can have cramps, tears during exercise, if this is done is this vulnerable to injury and is by this that the recommendation is necessary to make a serious warming .

One of the many exercises to develop good fitness, good body mass with volume and can be toned, is to do the exercise on a consistent and maintain a healthy diet. This combination is really very effective.
This pyramid shows all the food groups without restricting none, but emphasizes that the variety, quantity and proportion of the food you eat will give you the body with the nutrients needed for normal operation. The scheme is divided into four levels, being the first (base) the that includes foods that can be consumed daily in larger quantities.

Based on this, as you level up, it will increasingly restricted consumption of the food group. In the first level are the foods derived from grains that have high concentrations of carbohydrates and other vital as protein, fiber and calories. It is advisable to consume more food than this level, it is clear that the amounts vary according to the amount of energy spent each individual and their particular characteristics.

So that those with active lifestyles, will consume more of these foods than people who do little or no exercise during the day. At this level there are foods such as cereals, pasta, rice, bread, potatoes and fresh legumes. The second level of the pyramid includes fruits and vegetables which are rich in antioxidants, fiber, vitamins and minerals. His considerable supply of nutrients, makes them vital to the body and for healthy eating.

their use should be encouraged at all ages, considering at least the intake of 3 to 5 servings of vegetables each day and 2 to 4 servings of fruits . In the center of the pyramid is the third level, which includes: -Dairy: milk, yogurt and cheese. These are a valuable source of calcium and protein, hence its consumption must be at least 3 times a day for children and adults. -meat fish, seafood, chicken, lamb, pork, beef, eggs.

This group is characterized by its contribution of high biological value protein, iron and zinc, essential minerals for good bio-availability.

Vegetables: beans, lentils and chickpeas. A balanced diet should ensure the presence of legumes at least 2 or 3 times a week. In the fourth level are the foods you need to take more care. These are the fats, oils, sweets and desserts, including soft drinks, creams, pastries and fatty dressings. These foods provide almost no nutrients and calories abound in them, so its consumption should be moderate. There is a fifth level or restricted area that includes sugars and foods containing them in abundance.

Obviously, its use is much more restricted than in the other levels. This classification is focused on food nutrition and promoting healthy living. To effectively adhere to it is recommended to respect the proportions of consumption, favoring foods near the base, moderate consumption of higher levels daily and adjust according to the energy that the body requires to function properly.
The coconut is typical of tropical countries. It is a fruit that grows on palm trees called palm trees. These are usually high and in the glass are numerous and gigantic leaves which are under the coconut is piled up. Traditionally, these nuts are lowered by the locals, who climb up the palm trees are used for downloading or other conventional strategies and tools.

The coconut is in a tough, fibrous bark oval, medium size but sometimes tends to be large. The interior contains a pulp or meat can be eaten both raw and open when it's just soft and hard, although less dirigible or cooked in various recipes. It also contains a fluid called milk is a very pleasant flavor, sweet and refreshing. All properties of coconut and each of its features can be exploited and everything inside is consumable.

Since its shell into your milk. In general, the coconut is rich in vitamin E and B vitamins, folic acid, fiber, phosphorus, zinc, potassium, iron, magnesium and copper. The coconut is highly nutritious because of the aforementioned properties and mineral salts. This fruit has the power to help balance the nervous system, energy supply and strengthen the small and large intestines, as well as the stomach, preventing diseases related to metabolic and digestive system.

In the flesh or pulp of the coconut are concentrated minerals and vitamins, plus a large number of protein and calories of great benefit in nutrition. As for your milk, it is rich in calcium and low in calories, contains high levels of fat and although the flavor is sweet is not contraindicated for diabetics or obese. Involved in reducing the rates of blood cholesterol and control blood glucose. It has the ability to cleanse and detoxify the body, for its diuretic action.

At the same time strengthens the skeletal system involved in mineralization of bones, teeth and nails. With coconut develops the chest, strengthens the respiratory system, balancing the nervous system and the ability to concentrate. It is suitable for all kinds of people, but recommended for use in patients with moderate renal insufficiency due to its high content of potassium, although it would help in removing liquids could cause some complications since potassium in these people is practically limited .
Ginkgo biloba is a tree growing in China, Korea and Japan, very resistant to adverse weather conditions. Their properties have been used medicinally for thousands of years! Branches are leaves possessing different therapeutic benefits and therefore, they were used in antiquity as currency among merchants. Of them is where you get the extract: harvested in autumn, and once dry, chop it up and stored in airtight bags.
The chemical composition of ginkgo have different groups with early flavonoids, diterpenes, proanthocyanidins, biflavones, terpenes, organic substances with acid function cyanogenetic Gloger, among others. biflavones Flavonoids and act as antioxidants, which helps reduce the negative consequences that produce oxygen free radicals on the body. The flavonoids in turn are useful in the treatment vascular diseases as phlebitis or hemorrhoids. These antioxidant properties stimulate circulation. Terpenes in turn inhibits platelet activating factor.

This is especially relevant in diseases such as asthma, allergic disorders and immune origin, inflammatory processes, etc. So it could be beneficial in all the pathologies, very numerous, they had a strong component in this regard. The standardized extract of ginkgo biloba leaf is widely used in the treatment of cerebral insufficiency problems that can be translated dementia, artery occlusions and intermittent claudication. It is also highly beneficial in the syndromes that occur before and during menstruation, vascular vertigo, varicose veins and even Alzheimer's.

Many studies have proven the benefits of gingko, studies in elderly and volunteers who have good health, which has shown that this extract has great benefits for improving memory and cases of cerebral hypoxia. It is recommended that daily doses of the extract is about 120 to 240 milligrams divided into 2 or 3 shots and is a treatment of at least eight weeks. On the other hand in the market you can find the extract in different presentations, either in capsules or syrups. His influence on the synthesis of glucocorticoids may be related to an effect that helps reduce stress and promotes neuronal protection.

In addition, extracts of Ginkgo Biloba have shown their help in improving certain conditions that are associated with cerebral insufficiency such as depression, memory failure, visual disturbances, also improves the performance of individuals and reduces dizziness. Outside the nervous system, this plant helps a lot to treat some complications related to diabetes, impotence, vertigo and balance disorders. It also prevents pain and cramps.

The brain helps against hypoxia (lack of irrigation). For example, we know that there are parts antioxidants and neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer's disease and other dementias, there is an increased production of free radicals that are toxic substances to cells. In this sense, antioxidants can help fight those free radicals which may explain the positive benefit that the gingko produces in these people.

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Ginseng is an almost miraculous herb, which grows and is obtained in forested areas of Asia. Thanks to this herb, the Chinese enjoy today a much longer life expectancy than any other race, because its people has been implemented in its culture, gastronomy and traditions for over 5000 years. The two known varieties of ginseng are: Panax ginseng: Also known as Asian or Korean ginseng Panax quinquefolius, also known as Canadian or American ginseng ginseng Each type has a particular healing properties that differ from each other. For example, American ginseng has more healing properties, quality that makes it more valuable when it is used to treat fevers, respiratory problems and digestive disorders. In contrast, Asian ginseng has properties that make calorie an excellent agent for improving blood circulation. And when they act like they are used as a powerful healing agent and vitamin supplements for our body. In other studies, research showed that Asian ginseng supplied in doses of 100 to 200 milligrams for people with diabetes, after a few weeks their levels of blood glucose significantly improved. The dose of 200 milligrams also improved hemoglobin levels in the blood, in addition to sugar, which had begun to control too. Lozenges and ginseng products The properties of this herb have allowed this to be placed on an almost global, leading a universe of products, among which are the pills, and use as their size makes them easy to eat. For example, wild ginseng seed, known in Asia as shan ren is obtained in capsule form, to be a powerful tonic that promotes vitality and haematogenesis also simultaneously strengthen the muscular system and skeletal system, this way to prevent fatigue, neurasthenia, and some disorders characteristic of menopause in women and andropause in men, and as Asians, the consumption of this pill helps to strengthen and rehabilitate something they called "chi" energy the human being.
This pill and manufactured in China, and has certain indications and contraindications, as well as all the pills whose main ingredient is ginseng:
• You must not abuse their consumption, especially women, since it has a lot of phytoestrogens, can cause side effects especially if consumed on the menstrual cycle
• Not consume while intoxicated, or alcohol detoxification process • Do not administer to young children
• Not recommended for use in pregnant
• If you are taking medication, should consult with your doctor if this does not interact negatively in the body Although there are few known side effects from the consumption of ginseng are rare, if you abuse their consumption, either as a pill, herb or other variation, could suffer from insomnia, dizziness, nausea, headache, and major cases, mastalgia, raise blood pressure, severe diarrhea, and bleeding hyperestrogenism matrix. So do not be exceeded at the consumer, regardless of whether you consume it as part of your diet or just include it in their diet, as many meals and dishes have roots or seeds of ginseng in its main ingredients.

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I found the program Diet Solution is the real solution if you are looking for natural ways to lose weight and keep it off forever. The program Diet Solution is packed with information that is based on healthy eating habits and not only reduce calories to lose weight. While many different diet programs to lose weight out there are trying to help you lose weight by reducing carbohydrate program Diet Solution shows you why this may cause more harm than good. What I like about this weight loss program is that it focuses heavily on magic diets, but that shows you how to eat really healthy all the time.
One of the most important recommendations that I can share with you the Program Diet Solution is not recommended to get nutrients from supplements. One of the most appealing things about vitamins is that they seem to consume a quick and easy weight loss solution. However, almost all of these supplements are a complete waste of money and this program teaches the only real solution to weight loss is a healthy diet and exercise. The program Diet Solution shows you how to increase your natural metabolism so you can burn more calories without using tricks like supplements.
Another common misconception about weight loss diets that bothers me is that people are advised to limit certain macronutrients, such as following a diet low in fat. But the truth is that your body will not function properly if you are not getting adequate nutrients and a diet low in fat and low in carbohydrates can cause damage to your body. After reading this book you will understand what foods to eat in the different groups of macronutrients to make sure that is healthy and a fat burning machine. There are certain fats such as avocado, extra virgin olive oil and almonds that are really healthy for you, while there are bad fats such as burgers and pizzas.
As a personal trainer I constantly see people includes highly processed foods after the weight loss diet and the truth is that these foods can make you gain weight instead of keeping fit. This is because these manufactured foods are loaded with sodium and other chemicals that used to preserve and improve taste. The nutritional value of these foods is minimal and gives your body the vital nutrients it needs to burn fat as possible. After using the program, The Diet for a while you realize that you've not only lost weight but also feel healthier.
Interested in finding out more about the Diet Solution Program? then I highly recommend watching this video that shows the four foods you should not eat if you want to start losing fat now.
Five Super Foods That Fat Burning Stimulation
What foods are fat burners?
So, what are the foods that help you lose weight?, May well have consumed many foods that were announced to help eliminate pounds, such as "subway sandwiches." The truth is that such foods are not helping to eliminate fat, at least not like you can potentially eliminate.
Some of the foods that burn fat are very easy and fast to make and eat. While others take some time, but all worth it.
As the belly down to the following foods
# 1 The whole grain oats
If these packages granulated oatmeal delicious consuming when you were small. However, it is advisable, to choose those "natural" or not "instant" poque latter are processed and are high in sugar. Eat whole grain oats in the morning and you will get a great start.
# 2: Greens
Although it may cause some gas in some people, the plants are quite beneficial for your body. If you eat green vegetables every day, became more aware and better about yourself, not to mention the burning of fat. Obligate to add some vegetables to side of your main meals.
# 3: Eggs
Did they ever saw the tapes of Rocky Balboa and his body was perceived as changing tape after tape? I always ate eggs to help you get fit and lose weight. Eggs have lots of protein and are completely natural. Protein helps restore muscle after running exercises and very fit for you. Eat eggs for breakfast or while eating lunch.
# 4: Fruit
They are saturated with antioxidants and are very tasty, add fruit to your daily regimen, as this will provide you more energy and feel fuller for longer time periods. An apple a day keeps the fat at bay.
# 5: Nuts
One of the best fat burning foods are nuts, and others are my favorites, I love eating while watching TV manis. Peanuts and almonds or other nuts, are an alternative to other snacks like "potato chips". The nuts have a very important fatty acids that most of them, the body can not produce. So it's great to have a case of booking manis or almonds, so you have the commitment to eating. These also are packed with protein, fiber and some carbohydrates for energy for too many years.
Another great food is cottage cheese, it contains enough fat. Cottage cheese is low in carbohydrates, have an amazing amount of protein and inadequate in calories, so if you get hungry during the night, you can eat a snack with some cottage cheese for a healthy late night snack.
Sure you know that protein is the primary component for muscle growth. This is especially true when you do an intense anaerobic exercise in the gym, because your body needs extra protein to recover and as well as to benefit the building of muscle tissue. To help increase muscle mass, we see an example of a good diet to gain muscle mass .
Food 1 - Prepare oatmeal or shredded wheat and pour some milk along with two to six pieces of eggs. In preparation for eggs - use only half the egg yolks and eat a few slices of whole wheat toast for this meal.
Food 2 - Drink ¼ to ½ L of milk with half a banana. You can also take a protein drink, to prepare this drink just prepare one or two tablespoons of protein powder of your choice with the amount of milk above.
Food 3 - Make sure you also add red meat with less fat to your diet to gain muscle mass . Kitchen and accompany your favorite meat with baked potatoes or a cup of rice. Drink a glass of milk - about ¼ liter liter is sufficient.
Food 4 - Two cans of tuna and accompany it with whole wheat bread. Eating fat-free mayonnaise with toasted bread and eat preferably a piece of banana for dessert, do not forget to drink another glass of milk.
Food 5 - Prepare your favorite pasta, which should be approximately 100 g, and add some lean red meat to it. Eat your favorite salad with oil and vinegar after. Drink another glass of milk.
6 Food - Eating red meat or poultry (chicken or turkey) and about three pieces of baked potatoes. Complete this meal with a serving of mixed vegetables and do not forget the glass of milk.
If you noticed, the meal plan to increase muscle mass would require a glass of milk more often. Well, this is the fact that milk is the main source of protein, leading to your body becomes stronger and more resilient. Remember that the physiological stress caused by intense anaerobic training could lead to nitrogen loss, and this can only be remedied with the protein you eat every two or three hours a day.
The eating plan to gain muscle mass mentioned above is just one example, which means you can develop your own meal plan. But regardless of the plan, just make sure you always eat more natural foods rich in protein.
Mediterranean food is not limited to 15 countries in the region. It is becoming famous worldwide because of its benefits and it really helps humans to better health. Principal Secret of Mediterranean cuisine is the use of elements that do not contain too much saturated or monounsaturated foods, so they are healthy recipes for weight loss. Here are some recipes you can try Mediterranean. Pancakes Healthy First, combine the egg, mix white flour and a cup of soy beverage in a bowl until smooth. They make pancakes with this mix, you can use non-stick vessel. Bake it on both sides until its color turns brown. To decorate, you can use fruits and honey only because they contain less fat. Healthy pancakes can be a great alternative to others in terms of healthy recipes to lose weight are a concern. Sopa Minestrone soup is one of the recipes used for weight loss healthy for the Mediterranean peoples. Be part of your Mediterranean diet plan if you have opted for. You will need ingredients like 6 cups chicken stock (vegetable stock will work fine), chopped garlic, chopped bacon, rosemary, diced zucchini, chopped onion, cooked pasta, chopped tomatoes, bay leaf and thyme, chile and parmesan cheese.
Procedure: First, saute celery, onion and garlic in olive oil to make this recipe healthier weight loss. Then add the herbs and spinach into the mixture and cook until tender. Add vegetables and stock in that. You can also add cheese if you want to taste cheese. Keep on the stove over low heat for 15 minutes. Cook the pasta separately and add to the mix. You can garnish this dish as you like but just make sure you are using healthy ingredients for garnish. Easy Lasagna Ingredients: broth, fresh herbs, onions, crumbled feta cheese and garlic lasagna noodles, pasta sauce of tomato, mozzarella course and chopped spinach. Procedure: Use thick bread and extra virgin olive oil to saute the garlic and onion to initiate a proceeding under this healthy recipe for losing weight. Add fresh herbs and broth that. Then add the spinach mixture and cook for few minutes. You can use a baking dish to serve. Just make sure you coat the dish with cooking spray. Garnish with mozzarella cheese and cooked pasta. Healthy salad healthy salad, you can use sliced ​​spinach leaves, cucumber, peppers, sliced ​​tomatoes, black olives sliced. You can also add salad dressing on it. Grilled Lamb Ingredients such as olive oil, balsamic vinegar, fresh basil, chopped garlic, salt, pepper and onion are used in this Mediterranean recipe. You need to grill lamb chops for 3 hours and add items to other then later. Couscous Ingredients for this recipe for Mediterranean Mediterranean diet plan: 2 cups couscous, chopped parsley, garlic, scallions, cilantro , 1 tsp. pepper, 4 cups of boiling water and 2 Tbsp. olive oil. Procedure: Pour boiling water over the couscous while cooking. Do it for a few minutes and then add the chickpeas. Combine all other elements and slowly pour over the mixture.
After much research, has concluded that women have different needs to lose weight than men. Many times, men seem to lose weight very fast, while women seem to starve for weeks, only to discover that only lost a kilo.
Is there a way to level the playing the game of weight loss? Sure there is. Following advice from weight loss designed for women, women can lose weight, just as men are in the same amount of time.
Apparently men seem to lose weight faster than women, due to a nice little visitor that women are presented once a month. While his term does not actually cause lasting weight gain, if it causes water weight gain temporarily.
The weight of water may remain for two weeks at a time, making you feel like your weight loss efforts are not doing any good at all. This can cause you to surrender completely. Your period can also make you miserable. With irritability, cramps, headaches and swelling.

Men obviously do not have these problems. To combat these problems, there are some tricks you can try. To combat swelling, resist the temptation to drink and fries. Too much sugar, carbonation and other nasty ingredients in the soda can feel bloated and tired.
To help with the cramps and headaches, consult your doctor about a pain reliever that works for you. In addition, drinking hot tea will help you feel better. When it comes to cravings, remember that chocolate is not your enemy. Sounds crazy, I know, but can eat a chocolate bar that has the highest concentration of cocoa.
Using these tips will help you relax, feel better and not give up on your efforts to lose weight.
One of the advantages women have over men in the battle of weight loss is soy. Soy is not good for men in large numbers due to the phytoestrogens it contains. These phyto-estrogens have negative effects on women, so women can enjoy more than soybeans, and can actually be a healthy addition to your diet.
There are many delicious products include soy, and may be low in fat and a way to get your protein. So it's a part of the products these days, so you can choose from a variety of delicious products.
Once you understand the reason why women have more difficulty losing weight, you can prevent these problems and the benefits that soy has to offer. Women can improve your chances of weight loss by following these tips designed especially for women.
Are you thinking about losing weight? If you are a woman who is concerned about its visual appeal, and there you can find natural products that can help you do. Weight loss is an issue that almost all women have to deal with.
While many women most likely to lose weight "naturally," you can find other people who need aid element. Luckily there are a number of weight loss products, over there, which could provide that help.
One of the weight loss products that you may have to consider acquiring is the weight loss pills. Weight loss pills, also commonly known as diet pills have been used by many women for years to burn fat.
Although not all diet pills are the same, you will find that most work by suppressing food cravings. This is what makes you feel the need not to eat, reducing your calorie intake and, in turn, their weight.

If you want to use weight loss pills or diet pills that can help you lose weight, you find that you have a variety of options. Diet pills are available in a number of different models and sold a wide range of prices.
There are plenty of diet pills you can buy without a prescription and then there are those that are available by prescription only. If you are interested in seeking a prescription diet pills, it is advisable to make an appointment with your doctor as soon as possible.
When you are interested in buying diet pills over the counter, either nationally or on the web, it is conceivable to employ the services your doctor all the time. Things to keep in mind about weight loss pills is that they are formed similarly. Do not forget that some diet pills do not work properly, some may even be dangerous to their welfare.
For anyone who can not talk to a doctor, you may at least do some research on the Internet. This research should involve actually browsing websites online pill maker, in addition to reading reviews of products online.
Another weight loss product you may want to look, are fat burners. These are also the plans that are created to help consumers lose weight, pure and natural.
The exercises in these plans are developed with everyone in mind for you to move steadily from the stage of beginner to the highest level. Also, workouts are short and do not use expensive exercise equipment so you can make at home.
In my opinion, they fail in their role as parents. Many of them are directly or indirectly responsible for how children are overweight today. Naturally, every parent is responsible for their own children and not for everyone. However, the massive expansion of child obesity shows there is a problem with how the parents behave in front of their children's diet and lifestyle. In fact, they are often part of the problem.
Here are 5 ways in which parents make their children eat fat:
1. Giving children food to shut
This begins in childhood. The quickest way to stop a baby from crying is to keep a bottle in his mouth. Naturally, the baby may actually stop the hunger, but this response is automatic parent and your child as it grows. Whenever there is a problem, it seems that nothing is going to meet better than some chocolate or sweets or cakes.
It's time to stop trying to solve the problem of child behavior with food. In fact, try to talk to them, teaching them better skills and respect. Do not let them learn that when they feel bad or sad, or just want to draw attention to receive food. You are teaching them to solve feeding problems. Food is to nourish your body and your child's growth. It is not intended to resolve emotional problems and should not be a way to keep your kids quiet.
2. All that is on your plate ?
I know my mother took some time to realize that his youngest son, just would not eat much. If she had insisted to finish everything on my plate, I could have been full of fat for the day.
Finish all the food on your plate is one of the worst things parents can tell their children. Yes, it is important that a child eats. Every child needs a good food to grow and develop. However, some children can not eat much at one sitting. Trying to force them can make consume too many calories and weight gain.

Furthermore, since the size of the plates has grown in recent decades, parents tell their children to eat larger portions. This will become the adults also eat too much and may be sentenced to a life of excess weight. Therefore, we will leave their children a little food on their plates. Chances are that nothing bad will happen.
3. Fast food for kids
Fast food is easy and relatively cheap. However, does this mean that children should eat? While parents can spend thousands of dollars in educational toys and clothes for their children, who still have to eat at a fast food restaurant.
These are not the places your child needs to eat if you want him or her to stay thin and maintain proper health. I know going to a fast food restaurant may be the easiest way to feed their children and do not have much time and not feel like cooking at home. However, I am sure that the health of their children is important to you. That's why we believe that parents should serve home cooked food for children as much as possible. That practically ensures better nutrition than eating out.
4. Let your children do what they want
Many parents are so tired all the time for them is a relief that their children are concerned. Whether watching TV, playing video games or chatting with friends online, which does not really matter to most parents. Again, this is understandable, but it is not doing his job as a parent.
Children need to be active. They must learn that physical activity is important and has to be part of your daily routine. Part of the reason why so many children today are full of fat that do not lead an active life. It is the responsibility of parents to encourage their children to play sports, playing outdoors, and anything else that makes them more active.
5. Being a bad model for them
Obesity is increasingly common not only among children. Adults are also getting fatter around the developed world. Can safely assume that among the "new obese" are also parents. This not only damage your health, but also the future health of their children.
Children see their parents as role models, especially in the early years. This is when habits are formed. You need to teach by example and show your child that healthy eating and active lifestyle is something we practice and not just preach. A child learns he or she should behave like their parents. The fact that many adults are overweight probably has more overweight children as well.
I can not stress enough the important role of parents as caregivers of their children. This is more than just buying food and providing a home. It's about creating a healthy environment in which a child can grow properly. If your child is overweight, part of the responsibility rests with you. You can take action and help her look better and healthier.
In recent months I have been hearing and reading more about the concept of personalized weight loss. The idea that there is no single diet plan or a method that may work for us all, every one of us has something different in order to lose weight successfully.
Some go so far as to say that every person needs a personalized plan for weight loss that is specifically appropriate for him or her. Otherwise, you may fail to lose weight, gain muscle, and change your body.
In this post I refer to the different levels of personalization and to help you see if you need a custom program for fat loss yourself.
5 levels of personalized weight loss
There are five main levels of customization when it comes to weight loss. The fifth, I'll get then is the most complex of all. Let's see what these five levels are:
The first way to customize a diet and fitness plan is through the genre. Men and women are offered programs and approaches. The issue of gender is often used as a marketing claim, to paint a picture of a program that is especially suitable for some people and not others.
This is problematic because the basic rules of fat loss apply if you are a man or a woman, you have to burn more calories than you take in. In addition, the same type of exercises will be effective for both sexes.
The difference is in the shape of the body you want to achieve. Men often want bigger muscles than women and the trouble spots are usually different (men tend to accumulate fat in the abdomen and women in the thighs, hips and buttocks).

Your choice of a diet plan and fitness will depend on your goals. If you want to lose weight simply, a good diet plan is sufficient. If you want to build bigger muscles, you need a plan that focuses on weight lifting. Your meal plan will also be different. This is why we must define its objectives before choosing a diet plan.
Your weight loss goal is not only defined by the number of pounds or inches you want to lose, but by the time you will achieve it. To lose 10 pounds in a week or a month are two different things and each requires its own approach. This type of personalized fat loss depends on what you want to accomplish and not any other features that may possess.
Age, health, and special circumstances
There are several health conditions that require unique meal plans and approaches. Patients with celiac disease requires a special diet. People with diabetes also need their own plans.
Customization based on specific traits
Some people are tall and some are short, and some have blue eyes and brown some, some are allergic to dairy and other products to peanuts. We are all made differently and react differently to food. This is the basis of features based on individualized plans for weight loss.
The idea is that each of us needs to eat certain foods to lose quickly and efficiently as fat. The way our food is good or bad for us will determine our success or failure.
There are several features that experts and authors will depend on creating a personalized nutrition plan. Some use and metabolism of body types, such as loss of fat as the plan and the diet solution program . Others use the blood type or analysis of facial features (facial analysis diet) to match the best diet plan for you.
There are reports of people who have seen dramatic results by simply changing your diet according to the recommendations of customized programs that fat loss . However, the overall effectiveness of some of these methods is unclear.
Taking personalization to the next level, but not too far
Do not put your faith in the total customization. It may not be necessary. You need to do things similar to what others do in order to see the results.
However, if you have failed with many diet plans in the past and I can honestly say that they are followed correctly, there may indeed be a need to find a personalized plan for weight loss is right for you. Just be willing to make major changes to your diet. You may find that some of the foods you like is just not right for your body type or any other physical attribute you hav
Diet is a progressive weight loss designed by Dr. Pierre Dukan and consists of a combination of foods high in protein and low in carbohydrates. The effectiveness of Dukan diet cause the body lies in a low carbohydrate forced to use fat reserves for energy and weight loss as well. The Dukan Diet plan is carried out in 4 phases through which causes the body to weight loss and stabilization.
Attack phase. During the first phase or attack phase, as its name suggests is an attack on the metabolism thus promoting weight loss during the next phase. It is important to have set a goal of weight loss before starting because the duration of this phase depends how many kilos you want to lose. If our goal is to lose 5 kilos, the duration of the attack phase should be 1 day, 6 to 10 kilos 3 days, 11 to 19 kilos 5 days. During the first phase should be consumed only high-protein foods like lean meats, chicken, turkey, fish, egg whites, cheese and nonfat yogurt, skim milk, and so on.
The amount of food that can be consumed during this phase is always free to prepare grilled to grilled, broiled or baked. And no butter, oil or other fats. During the attack must add half a teaspoon of oat bran for dairy allowed. Oat bran creates a feeling of fullness in the stomach, helps eliminate toxins and prevent constipation. cruise phase. The cruise phase is where the weight loss itself is carried out and the stage ends once you reach expected weight gains. During this phase, alternating-day menu of proteins against a day of protein and vegetables. Vegetables are allowed all leafy greens such as lettuce, spinach, beets, etc., broccoli, tomatoes, green beans, mushrooms, eggplant, cucumbers, and so on. At this stage are prohibited starchy vegetables like potatoes, corn, peas, beans and lentils.
It is important to mention that you should avoid eating vegetables with dressings containing more than a spoonful oil. This phase can be supplemented with about 30 minutes of exercise such as walking, jogging, etc. Consolidation phase. The third phase of Dukan Diet begins only when it has reached the desired weight and is extremely important because as its name suggests, will help us consolidate the weight loss and avoid the dreaded rebound. The duration of the consolidation phase, as the attack phase, depends on the weight lost at 10 days per kilo lost. At this stage add fruit, except bananas, grapes, cherries and nuts, a couple servings of starchy foods like pasta, lentils or beans a week, and bread.
It is important to mention that it should include a Day attack, where consumes only proteins, a week. Exercise is an important point to help the consolidation of weight loss so it is recommended to follow with at least 30 minutes a day. stabilization phase. This last stage of the Dukan diet, no itself is a phase, it is the style back to "normal" life. However, it is named as the fourth stage to be seen as a commitment to maintain a healthy diet and avoid gaining the lost kilos. During this phase there are no restrictions on foods that can be consumed, but we recommend having at least one day of attack a week, and the consumption of oat bran for life.
The exercise will be very important during this phase, and whether it has achieved a good physical condition, may be increased to 45 minutes to an hour a day. The recommendation as always, before starting any diet, consult your doctor, especially if you have any medical condition.
Many women have problems with weight loss, the pressure to look good or fit within a certain level can make life very stressful and somewhat depressing for a lot of people. Consider the last time you searched the Internet or watched on television as an ideal woman should look like based on a weight loss program. In this article what you can do is offer some useful tips to know, because they are testing time and have always produced results. See below for some exercises that are aimed specifically at women and their general areas of interest in weight loss. Aerobic exercises. The objective of this exercise is in the legs, buttocks and hips. I suggest you split a two hour session half-hour sessions. You can buy a plastic box to take steps, but a real step in your ladder will suffice. Create a pattern of one step and up the leg with opposite leg alternating between each repetition. To add variety, it is possible that the passage is to one side or both legs at once. Start slowly, but as you begin to feel comfortable with the movements can increase your speed or adding a weight harness to intensify your workouts. Cycling can be a fun way to exercise and depending on how fast you travel can also be a important way to burn calories. A stationary bike is good, but a bike is better. The Swimming. Hopefully your local community center or recreational house staff have a pool. Go swimming for half an hour or more, will improve your cardiovascular fitness and tone muscles. In the sport called tennis. The constant lateral operation is a great cardio workout and will also help with the setting and configuration of their excess weight, thighs and legs. Besides the physical benefits, working in pairs can also help with the construction of supportive relationships, you and your partner to feed off each other even better. Horseback riding also. This is an unconventional method, but still very effective. The intensity of controlling the movement of a horse will do wonders for toning buttocks, thighs and abdominals at the same time it helps to burn calories. Dance. This is a workout of everything, including the entire body, is fun and can be done by anyone. A list of your favorite songs, a pair of comfortable shoes, a partner and you're good to go. The twists and turns in his upper body, middle and lower body will help to tone, and the constant movements increase your heart rate thus increasing the chances of burning fat. As with any weight loss plan, preparation and consistency are key. Knowing how and where you want to be is in the first place. Understanding exactly how to change your bad habits and replace them with healthy choices is the second part
Strides can be made ​​in different ways and with various aids, the important thing is that whoever does this kind of activity does not suffer from back problems since this is the central part of the exercise.
The bar lunges as its name suggests is worth a bar to the exercise. This bar is placed just behind the neck resting on the trapezius, held by both hands, one on each side. The exercise of the bar lunges is to maintain an upright position holding the bar torso while the legs are opened one after the other fully supported on the floor below.
The movement is power down all the strength in the front leg while bending back without reaching the ground. In the same way the exercise should be performed by alternating the position of the legs. The exercise, if well executed to get the hip flexor stretch is very acute, the lower back and hip as the leg forward to tighten.
Ideal is not in position to stay down but rise quickly and repeat the exercise by a series of 10 or 15 on each foot about 4 or 5 reps. That depends on what you want to achieve and the capacity of l athlete to repeat the same task several times. The work of the stride is intensified when the person falls much more, always avoiding touching the ground. Since this forces the hips and thighs make a greater effort to remain in a stable position.
The air is expelled and inhale when lowering the rise. However, those who have long been making strides with bar know that there are different ways of breathing and by the way they do can be more intensified exercise. In the advanced exercise is recommended to hold the air going down and up, releasing it as being top. The strides serve as warm-up exercises are made ​​stronger when no bar or dumbbells. The position is the same. First stands erect with feet about 18 inches, one foot forward sent by a straight line to the front.
Then tilt the body by flexing the knee is ahead and send all your weight to your heels. The feet should remain strong as the trunk. The hands are loose on each side and will look forward to steady himself. This will work your quadriceps and glutes. While the entire leg is gaining strength, muscle, tone and prepares for a subsequent period.
The stride is an exercise that is not necessary to do quickly, nor is a full year to shape the legs and buttocks. Yet others enjoy doing small jumps and music to make it more dynamic, faster and more fun.
Many people are always looking for facilities for the physical activities that fit perfectly to their physical conditions and personal preferences regarding the different exercises that can be carried out, in response to this need to exercise quite a while we developed a exercise demands that pleases all kinds of people combining different factors in a single year with its components is shown as the best option to be an exercise in representing results at various levels and can develop all kinds of people.
As great application pump body is that through the conditions attached to this activity has become more sporting activities implemented in health clubs and sporting performance through both weight training and aerobic exercise, which certainly makes the body pump in a full year, in addition to this weight bearing and resistance can be adapted perfectly to the capabilities of each person so your application can be taken for all types of people.
As mentioned before the body pump is the best proposal now offer fitness centers through a perfect combination of aerobic exercises and exercises that are performed with different machines and weights found in the fitness area , allowing for the physical work at different levels in one activity. The birth of this great way of exercising the body born New Zealand Australia in 1995 as a proposal made ​​to the world of sports chain exercises Les Milles International and thanks to the excellent results and extend your nice application achievement with ease around the world supported by a group of instructors trained in the system Best Training System.
The greatest attraction of a body pump development is the possibility of enjoying an exercise where you depart from the monotony and requires a bit more force, and those who are bored in the weights room can be purchased at the pump body exercise where the constant movement by the rhythm of this music with the choreography become more dynamic lifting different weights in different positions , while for those who did not want to just aerobics and efforts over the weights but want to shape your body and have some strength in certain weights are controlled at the option of performing skills strength training with a musical rhythm to accompany your action.
The benefits to the body with the completion of the pump body are many, starting with the great advantage that this type of fitness activity of all muscles are toned body and similarly develops a high intake of calories through aerobic action thanks to the pace and speed that is maintained in the implementation of the pump body.
The results are very fast, there is a proper styling, strengthen muscles and body fat also reduces the pump body develops good strength, great resistance and excellent muscle tone and helps improve posture. An aggregate more body that has the pump is that it is an exercise that is done in group lessons with music and a good instructor, which will motivate and much more pleasant to the activity.
Currently, where the emotional burdens, stress and daily work will leave less time for exercise to people, the idea is that this emerging market in the sporty aesthetic and some of the best options to exercise to burn fat, relieve stress and have fun, all in a single sport, the bicycle.
The bicycle from the beginning of time apart to become one of the most used means of transport for people in a sport Olympic and a cardiovascular exercise, it has become increasingly open market to the path of fitness, and becomes one of the most requested by those interested in maintaining good health, who also want to focus on exercise as a very appropriate way to make a good fat burning.
The bicycle is one of the disciplines that belong to the aerobic sports scheme, since it is a job with a high load time periods in the long run so to speak, this is focused on increasing physical endurance and through to your cardiovascular work, with the main aim for an increase in performance in both respects. This exercise takes place with the friction exerted on the lower extremities of the body and this lends the possibility that it is practiced both as a regular bike into a static.
The burning of fats is one of the factors that have a vital current importance and exercises such as cycling are some options that besides being fun, are the most effective, the bicycle has become a fun process then to burn fat, since the same time practice have the option to meet and enjoy a walk outdoors. Also the bike is used in a group as in gyms and sports are practiced squares Spinning marathon which is possibly an excellent choice sport and recreational.
The bike has some advantages and some very significant in the subject's physical and mental, these advantages of which you are referring to are: Strengthening the heart, the accelerated burning of fat and also be an excellent source for elimination of stress and anxiety, this also brings different types of benefits, since you can make an excellent choice when cost savings have to be transported, such as going to school or work, without comment the most significant time savings and environmental benefits it brings to make use of the bicycle.
Although the bicycle is a very easy to use device is not recommending others to everything that should have or be within a range right age anyway because you need a certain degree of effort and balance so not everyone can make use of this, as are children under 3 years and adults older than 80 years, complying with this principle and making moderate use of the bicycle may initiate a process of burning fat for whom it deems it necessary for health and wellness.
Daily exercise is essential for good health, so it is essential to include as part of daily activities, exercise routines or go to the gym. However, many times for lack of time or money people can not attend these fitness centers specialized. But this should not be an excuse for not exercising, as many daily actions can help improve health. If you want a way to exercise effectively without having to pay a gym or fitness center, climbing stairs may be an option. It is without doubt one of the cheapest and most natural exercise and improve the health of the organism in general. The best way to start is to leave the elevator and go up the stairs. It is one of the easiest ways to do aerobic exercise daily and "burn" calories. For every minute up to a moderate intensity can burn between 5 and 10 calories. If you multiply this run up burning and cardiovascular benefit increases. It is good to take a little time at lunch hour to climb the stairs a few times to the office or do it at home a few times a week. If done in a disciplined manner, in few months will be able to improve overall strength and fitness, reducing body fat and decreasing waist circumference. The intensity exerted stairs and it is great legs serve as drivers of shift above. This makes working the quadriceps, calves and buttocks, it is they who bear the thrust of this activity. This makes it one of the best ways to work your legs slowly and gain muscle strength, and entering operation of the train all the muscles inferred. In addition, up the stairs cause less impact on knees and ankles than running or jogging produces, which reduces the risk of injury. The benefits of climbing stairs are also reported in organs such as the heart and lungs. By continuing with exercise periods of 30 minutes, you can improve circulation and reduce the risk of heart attacks and coronary artery disease and. Also of note is that the improvement in aerobic capacity reduces the risk of death from any cause by 15 %. In this sense, climbing stairs can be an effective lifeguard. Some tips for developing this activity are: • Use the stairs whenever possible at home, shopping, work and leisure activities. • If you live in an apartment high, a good idea to get off the elevator two floors below the own and then use the stairs to the house. • Where there is tiredness, climb stairs more slowly, encompassing good breathing during exercise. • It is important to climb the ladder in position straight, without tilting or shifting your weight forward, and focusing on the work of the legs and flexion of the foot. If the body posture is not appropriate you may suffer from pains in the knees, hips or at the lower back, especially when the body is tilted too far forward.
The cardio training as the name suggests is a focused physical training in the proper functioning of the heart, proper blood circulation and proper management of the breath. Since the main objective of cardio training is to make the person acquires more optimal functioning of your circulatory and respiratory systems.
In the cardio training involving different types of physical activity such as walks in town or in natural places, climb mountains, running, canoeing, swimming, cycling, rowing, skiing, among others. However, there are those who prefer their cardio work out is through machines in a gym because they prefer a training run and not only help with circulation and breathing but also mold your body.
Among the most commonly used machines for cardio workouts are the elliptical stepper, the stepper, elliptical bike, bike, tape, rider health and Walker, among others . cardio machines, as they are known devices for cadium training, are responsible for providing that training and aerobic cardiovascular. These machines can perform repetitive exercises with time series can give a better result than the natural exercises as they are more subject to a system or routine.
Without discrediting the benefit of cardio training in nature without the help of machine because this is more helpful in terms of oxygenation of the body. In the cardio work out with either natural or machine should try to maintain a regular rhythm and to the extent that will engage in physical activity will increase heart rate. Similarly it is expected that the cardio respiratory exercise capacity is optimized as stated in the beginning, so it is normal that during the execution to accelerate the various body functions.
It is recommended that training in cardio exercise is not focus solely on the lower limbs and in speaking of walking, cycling or running is thought that the upper limbs are not involved in the exercise. But experts say the ideal is that while the activity is done with the legs also exercise your arms and generate a movement in the top too.
Another of the benefits of cardio training is the removal of fat since it is an exercise that makes you burn calories because it is not of strength but of movement, repetition and constant activity. Unlike weightlifting or abdominal exercise that are more focused on toning, to harden or gain muscle mass. trotted up and down stairs is another very interesting exercise in the cardio training.
This not only helps with the objectives of cardio training but immensely strengthens the legs and buttocks. The cardio training should be accompanied, as most adequate nutrition training. A diet low in calories, sugar and flour. Drink plenty of water and keep the body detoxified by consuming vegetables complement this valuable training.
For a long time, the use of ultrasound was directed mainly to the imaging of the fetus inside the uterus and was established as an important part of prenatal care, as it provides information that allows the doctor to keep track of a pregnant woman. With the passage of time the uses of this technique were extended in their therapeutic purposes. Now the advance has been extended to aesthetics, to solve such problems.
The aesthetic is a very important factor for people. In this sense, many have difficulties with their physical appearance, especially the issues of weight and shape. not always have the desired shape, because in spite of diet and exercise, there are always problem areas and difficult to mold. Under such circumstances, the most effective in shaping the silhouette was liposuction.
Until Ultrashape emerged. It is a modern technique that uses ultrasonic waves in a targeted and safe to destroy fat cells problem areas without damaging surrounding tissues. The technique involves transmitting sound waves frequency, from the upper layers of the skin into the fat cells. The technique is so safe that does not cause damage to surrounding tissues or nerves or blood vessels. Nor is bleeding.
In the same way it breaks the resistance of the membrane of adipocytes, which allows the release of triglycerides, which pass into the liver through the lymphatic system. The liver in turn processes the fat and progressively eliminated through metabolic processes. What is achieved Ultrashape shape the figure, reducing fat deposits and body
circumference without resorting to cosmetic surgery.
While the patient is lying Ultrashape system selectively directs and safe ultrasonic waves to the fat deposits in order to destroy them. This technology is equipped with a tracking system for the patient to get a sleek and harmonious silhouette. It is very important to clarify that this is a unique therapy to treat localized fat and is not recommended to use it to lose weight, but to shape waist, hips , thighs and / or back. It also offers many advantages over other types of beauty treatments. First is the fact that it is painless outpatient therefore requires no sedation or anesthesia.
Nor need periods of recovery, or belts, compressors or taking analgesics, and can resume daily activities immediately. In addition it has no side effects. In terms of benefits, these are immediate, because for every session can reach up to 2 cm lower body contouring. The number of sessions varies according to the needs of each person.
There are many great programs to lose weight. The exercise, strict dieting, health good things and carry them out, anyway.
Would you like to find a way to cut without making any major changes in your life?
Think about it, a kilo of fat has about 7,000 calories to form.
If you could change your diet to lose about 500 calories a day, you could drop 3,500 calories a week which equates to about half a kilo.
It is a kind of logic, in fact, is very logical. Think about it, decides to lose weight and organizing an exercise program. Going for a walk every day to burn some calories. Affect energy balance to drop the calories that you eat rather than eat and then have to burn them.
How is that? Here for:
What do you have for breakfast?
If you currently have:
Baguet with cream cheese and coffee with sugar and milk
And is exchanged for:
Toast the English muffin with cream cheese and coffee with skim milk or nonfat cream
Save 500 calories!
What about what you drink during the day?
If you currently have:
500ml soft drink, 1 cup orange juice and the second glass of wine.
If you change to:
Unlimited water, soda water and tea-flavored sugar-free natural
Save 500 calories!
Think about your options for lunch.
If you currently have a sandwich
CMID with mayonnaise, high fat meats and cheese (bologna, salami, pastrami, etc)
Choose your location:
The bread, spicy mustard, turkey or ham, reduced fat cheese, low
Save 500 calories!
Your Snacks?
Instead of:
Chocolate bar, chips, soda 20 oz
Carrots, string cheese and an apple
And you save 500 calories!
What's for dinner?
Instead of choosing:
Meat, fries, vegetables, rolls with butter
If you replace:
Grilled chicken or fish, baked potato, sauteed spinach (with a little extra virgin olive oil and garlic)
Save 500 calories!
So think about this. Simple changes, the changes may be changes possibly annoying, but if you can find only a change as shown here every day can save 500 calories a day. 500 calories per day is 3,500 calories a week. 3,500 calories is equivalent to half a kilo of fat.
Let's start by explaining that it is called Mediterranean diet, is the name given to a lifestyle of the peoples of the Mediterranean, Spain, southern France, Italy, Greece and Malta, however, refers not only to dietary aspects, the term includes farming techniques, marketing, elaborations, flavors and perfumes, etc.. This diet has been declared intangible heritage of humanity in November 2010 and is promoted by countries like Spain.
However, this diet, how they arose, has never been traditionally consumed in any Mediterranean country. Epidemiological studies show that consumption of eggs, for example, would be located around 10 eggs a week, eating meat or fish is daily, and consumption of ice cream and other sweets was comparable to that of fruit for dessert, etc. .
What benefits do I trea Mediterranean diet to lose weight?
The main benefits of the Mediterranean diet range from the reduction of triglycerides, heart problems, obesity, colon problems, diabetes. It is for this reason that this diet is healthy diet has been suggested, the main elements of this diet is the high consumption of vegetables, such as fruits, vegetables, legumes, nuts, rich in fiber and vitamins, in addition to bread and other cereals, wheat being the staple food.
Olive oil as main fat comprises 80% oleic acid, and in virgin state retains all its antioxidants. Olive oil is a monounsaturated fat that increase the HDL or "good" and improve glucose metabolism and helps in the process of losing weight.
The other main element of this diet is the regular consumption of wine in moderation with meals around a glass of red wine a day.
The Mediterranean Diet is a lifestyle, not just an eating pattern in which agriculture combine local ingredients, recipes and ways to cook very specific to each location, shared meals with friends, social events and traditions, which together to moderate physical exercise daily but favored by a mild climate on completing the lifestyle that modern science invites us to take the benefit of our beloved health, making it an excellent model for healthy living.
To lose 10 kilos in 2 weeks is not easy to make an adjustment. Success is never guaranteed when a large weight loss and quickly try. That said, it is possible to achieve this goal and I hope that the strategy in this article helps you do just that.
However, before giving this strategy should be aware that this type of rapid weight loss, although possible, is not so simple maintain in the future. I think you need for your system to eliminate some pounds fast loss for you to have any hope to lose 10 kilos in 2 weeks and this can only be done with a weight loss plan to detoxification.
A detox diet is to reduce calories drastically, consumption of most of them in the form of fruit juices. This will help cleanse your body of toxins and contaminants and to shed a large number of kilos quickly. It is a long-term because much of it is water weight and not a change in lifestyle real, but can have many health benefits, including rapid weight loss.

I do not think that only a detox diet can help you lose 10 kilos in 2 weeks. It's a bit too much to expect that to happen. However, you can get get close to that mark and that's nothing to feel bad. Your detox diet should not be followed by more than a week, as such, a low-calorie plan is not healthy to keep for so long.
Once out of detox diet, you should take a day of eating regularly to feed your body (which will be the food of desire) to get on with your quest to lose 10 kilos. To try and throw the rest of the weight you want out, you will need to focus on high intensity cardio. It also recommended strengthening exercises, but for a short period of time, cardiovascular exercise is often more effective.
Smooth skin with yoga moves ..
One day he looked in the mirror and there it was-cellulitis, Climbing on the legs and buttocks, just in time for swimsuit season. Fortunately, there is a quick way to soften the blows and the masses: Yoga.
We asked yoga guru Kristin McGee, star of the fitness DVD MTV Power Yoga and the new Pilates Weight Loss , to create a routine of cellulite-busting that targets the butt and thighs, the most prone to dimpling.
Understanding Cellulite
With every day spent sitting, push the fat through weak spots in the connective tissue under the skin. But the reconstruction of muscle tone in problem areas and burns excess fat can help ease and prevent cellulite dimpling future, says McGee.
Is this sequence of 20 minutes three days a week, more than 30 minutes of vigorous cardio four times a week and you will see softer skin in just six weeks.
Standing Forward bend
Stand with feet hip distance apart. Hinge forward at the hips, keeping a slight bend in the knees. Put the breast into his upper thigh as head drop to the ground. Engage the quadriceps muscles and slowly straighten your legs, making your knees do not lock and the hips stay in the center of your feet. Hold for 5-8 slow deep breaths.
Stand with feet together
Stand with feet together, toes touching, the ankles and slightly apart. Bend your knees, hips sitting back (as if in a chair) and lift your chest toward the sky. At the same time, reach the arms above the ears and extends through the fingertips, keeping your shoulders relaxed muscles.
Sit as far as he can, aim to make up a 90 degree angle with legs (a more shallow angle is fine to go so far as is comfortable), keeping your back and knees to go beyond rounding your fingers feet. Hold for 5-8 breaths before getting up, repeat 3 more times.
Slightly bend your knees and cross your right leg over the left leg high in the thigh, and then try to double cross behind his left calf or ankle. Wrap your right arm below the left and again on the top, press your palms together.
Tighten your thighs tight and pull your belly to your spine while to sink again, slightly bending the knees and slightly forward at the waist. Hold for 5 breaths, then repeat with the arms and legs reversed.
Make it easier: If double-crossing your legs is very difficult to cross only once in the thigh and the rest of your toes up on the floor for balance. If the shoulders are too tight, double-cross your arms, wrap in single and press the backs of hands.
Stand with feet together
Stand with feet together, point left toe behind you, turning the weight forward over right leg. Continue to lift your left leg and place the head and torso until it is in a horizontal straight line from head to toe, keep your hands at your sides.
Make sure your left thigh, hip and toe (tip or bending) stare down imagine balancing a cup of tea in the lumbar region. Keep the right kneecap up (not locked) and the balance focused midfoot. Hold for five breaths, slowly return to standing, then switch legs and repeat.
Make it easier: if the balances on one leg is a challenge, place your arms at your sides, like the wings of the aircraft to help maintain balance. Or, they cling to the back of a chair or reach out and touch the wall. The important thing is to keep your back straight and body in a straight line.
Supported shoulder stand
Lie on a mat with a folded blanket under the shoulders for neck and head are 2.1 inches lower than the shoulders. Pushing the palms on the knees of double mat,. Lift your feet, buttocks and lower back off the mat and get the legs up, with the aim toes toward the floor behind you.
Bend your elbows and place palms against your lower back support when lifting the legs and feet to reach the ceiling. Hold for 30 seconds, working up to 5 minutes.
Make it easier: Snuggle back and buttocks against a wall, then turn around his legs up on the wall while lying on the floor. (Her ass must still be pressed against the wall where it meets the floor.) Press the thighs on the wall as you keep your feet parallel and slightly bent, hold for 5 minutes.
If you are concerned about your weight, you can use the Internet for information. Unfortunately, the available information on the Internet can be misleading at times.
After several health portals are touching unsupported claims, some people come to believe that weight loss can be achieved overnight with the help of weight loss pills, which is far from the truth.
Nothing is easy and you have to work a little harder to lose weight. Just think how much weight have you gained and how long it took to win. Just as you have gained weight in the last 3-4 years, it will take some time to waste. You may have to wait six months to lose the amount of body fat obtained in recent years.
How to lose weight naturally and quickly is a question that has crossed all our minds at some point. We know that being overweight can cause health problems such as heart disease and diabetes. We also can make you feel unattractive. The good news is that losing weight can bring long term benefits to health faster and longer add years to your life.

To have a good heart health, you need a nutrition and dietetics highly balanced, which means you must have a diet low in saturated fat and fairly high in fiber. In the beginning, the fiber in the diet can help reduce levels cholesterol and decreases the risk of diabetes, a major risk factor for heart disease and certain cancers. It is recommended to consume about 25 grams of fiber a day, men need a little more for optimal nutrition and dietetics . The best way to include fiber in your diet is to eat a different variety of whole grains and a mixture of fruits and vegetables containing soluble and insoluble fiber. On the one hand, soluble fiber helps clean cholesterol in the blood. Good sources of soluble fiber include oats, barley, dried beans and peas. On the other hand, the insoluble fiber found in vegetables like beets and Brussels sprouts, as well as bread.