Wednesday, October 5, 2011
In my opinion, they fail in their role as parents. Many of them are directly or indirectly responsible for how children are overweight today. Naturally, every parent is responsible for their own children and not for everyone. However, the massive expansion of child obesity shows there is a problem with how the parents behave in front of their children's diet and lifestyle. In fact, they are often part of the problem.
Here are 5 ways in which parents make their children eat fat:
1. Giving children food to shut
This begins in childhood. The quickest way to stop a baby from crying is to keep a bottle in his mouth. Naturally, the baby may actually stop the hunger, but this response is automatic parent and your child as it grows. Whenever there is a problem, it seems that nothing is going to meet better than some chocolate or sweets or cakes.
It's time to stop trying to solve the problem of child behavior with food. In fact, try to talk to them, teaching them better skills and respect. Do not let them learn that when they feel bad or sad, or just want to draw attention to receive food. You are teaching them to solve feeding problems. Food is to nourish your body and your child's growth. It is not intended to resolve emotional problems and should not be a way to keep your kids quiet.
2. All that is on your plate ?
I know my mother took some time to realize that his youngest son, just would not eat much. If she had insisted to finish everything on my plate, I could have been full of fat for the day.
Finish all the food on your plate is one of the worst things parents can tell their children. Yes, it is important that a child eats. Every child needs a good food to grow and develop. However, some children can not eat much at one sitting. Trying to force them can make consume too many calories and weight gain.

Furthermore, since the size of the plates has grown in recent decades, parents tell their children to eat larger portions. This will become the adults also eat too much and may be sentenced to a life of excess weight. Therefore, we will leave their children a little food on their plates. Chances are that nothing bad will happen.
3. Fast food for kids
Fast food is easy and relatively cheap. However, does this mean that children should eat? While parents can spend thousands of dollars in educational toys and clothes for their children, who still have to eat at a fast food restaurant.
These are not the places your child needs to eat if you want him or her to stay thin and maintain proper health. I know going to a fast food restaurant may be the easiest way to feed their children and do not have much time and not feel like cooking at home. However, I am sure that the health of their children is important to you. That's why we believe that parents should serve home cooked food for children as much as possible. That practically ensures better nutrition than eating out.
4. Let your children do what they want
Many parents are so tired all the time for them is a relief that their children are concerned. Whether watching TV, playing video games or chatting with friends online, which does not really matter to most parents. Again, this is understandable, but it is not doing his job as a parent.
Children need to be active. They must learn that physical activity is important and has to be part of your daily routine. Part of the reason why so many children today are full of fat that do not lead an active life. It is the responsibility of parents to encourage their children to play sports, playing outdoors, and anything else that makes them more active.
5. Being a bad model for them
Obesity is increasingly common not only among children. Adults are also getting fatter around the developed world. Can safely assume that among the "new obese" are also parents. This not only damage your health, but also the future health of their children.
Children see their parents as role models, especially in the early years. This is when habits are formed. You need to teach by example and show your child that healthy eating and active lifestyle is something we practice and not just preach. A child learns he or she should behave like their parents. The fact that many adults are overweight probably has more overweight children as well.
I can not stress enough the important role of parents as caregivers of their children. This is more than just buying food and providing a home. It's about creating a healthy environment in which a child can grow properly. If your child is overweight, part of the responsibility rests with you. You can take action and help her look better and healthier.

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